Pandas Profiling is built on-top of Pandas with the features of generating reports from a pandas dataframeThe describe() method from pandas is great to use by a little basic for serious exploratory data analysis.

For each column of the following statistics:

  • Essentials: type, unique values, missing values
  • Quantile statistics like minimum value, Q1, median, Q3, maximum, range, interquartile range
  • Descriptive statistics like mean, mode, standard deviation, sum, median absolute deviation, the coefficient of variation, kurtosis, skewness
  • Most frequent values
  • Histogram
  • Correlations highlighting of highly correlated variables, Spearman and Pearson matrixes


How to install (non-anaconda users)

Note: Use terminal (Mac/Linux Users), command prompt (Windows Users)

pip install pandas-profiling


How to install anaconda users)

Note: use Anaconda-Prompt

conda install pandas-profiling