Python is just a language by its own and no different from other programming languages. It requires other framework and packages in order to perform specific tasks. 

If we want to use Python to develop web applications, we will have to a web framework like Django ( , or Flask ( We will also need SqlAlchemy ( to connect to SQL databases, or PyMongo ( to connect to MongoDb.

What data scientists mainly use is SciPy. SciPy stack is a Python-based ecosystem of open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering. Some of the core packages includes:

  • Jupyter notebook –  An interactive notebook that allow us to mix calculations, equations, and notes whenever is needed. It is the primary tool used by most data scientists.
  • Numpy – The fundamental package for scientific computing and handles high-dimensional structures.
  • Scikit-learn – A data mining and analysis package that handles classification, regression, clustering and other scientific computing tasks.
  • Pandas – To analyze and model data and provide dataframe, a two dimensional structure that is similar to SQL table and Excel spreadsheet.